About Us

We are roommates that have known each other for many moons. We like to travel but have very limited resources to do so. Luckily Katelyn is a flight attendant, it’s a very useful quality to have in a travel companion. We fall under the category of budget travelers who dabble in the backpacking world.

Caroline: IMG_3841.jpg.e2.jpgI’ve done a lot of European travel. I studied abroad in Liverpool, England and was able to do a lot of the major European cities. I am also the resident travel planner in this duo. I like to research places and activities and I like to have a plan B.  I’m here for adventure and unique experiences. What drives me to travel is straight up curiosity; I need to know about other places and people. Basically it’s my know-it-all instinct I got from being a biology major. I’m a graduate student now that does most of my school online, so I freeload off of Katelyn’s flight benefits in my spare time. Oops. I also have another blog; it’s about books. I’m reading a book written by an author from every country. If you’re into that kind of thing….here ya go. https://reading196in365.wordpress.com/


Katelyn: IMG_3904Yes, I am a flight attendant, but I don’t have any other blogs for ya. Sorry about that. What I do have is a degree in Spanish that I’m doing my darndest to put to use in the airline industry. I’m also studying to get my masters in teaching so between that and my obsession with wine and cheese, I am truly penniless. Fortunately, I’ve always enjoyed budget travel as I believe it can give you a truer feel of the place and the culture. My favorite aspect of culture is hands down the experience of food- which I am forever forcing upon Caroline against her will. She just doesn’t get it, folks, so I will be sharing it with you. I’ve eaten my way through much of Central America, Spain, and southeast Asia- I even took a cooking class in Costa Rica as a study abroad credit! Come along as I continue to stuff my face and provide the flights that have made this blog possible! Bienvenidos!